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Data is information & information is power.
Data is information & information is power.

Businesses and organizations that commit to using data to drive decisions and measure impact have the power to change the world.

We work alongside

— purpose-led organizations looking to magnify their impact with the help of a data team.

Consider us your partners on your journey. 


What We Do

We offer data analytics services tailored specifically for social impact including data collection, data analysis and strategy development.

Data strategy and development

We'll help you make sense of your data and co-develop a plan to get your data working for you. Get the boost you need to organize, manage, track, and utilize your data, making it a powerfully actionable resource.

Data analysis

We'll analyze your data to provide quick actionable insights to make you feel confident in making strategic decisions for you organization.

Visualization, reporting, and storytelling

Transform your data into beautiful, easy-to-understand visuals. We'll transform the often dry and confusing data into an interesting and exciting story, turning complex information into dashboards and visuals that are clear, engaging, and easy to digest. Whether for your team, your board members, or your donors, we’ll help you evaluate your numbers to shine a light on the results of your work.

Capability building and training

We offer data analytics & visualization training, building your team's data skills and building your organization's propensity to be data-driven. We'll provide the knowledge and tools to help

Capacity building and partnership

Consider us allies in this work with a shared goal of creating better, healthier, prosperous, and well-informed communities. We'll joyfully serve as short- or long-term data partners, giving your organization the capacity to focus on the things you do best.

We believe in results, not fluff. We won’t dazzle you with buzzwords or overcomplicate things. Our focus is on delivering tangible insights that drive your organization forward.

Why organizations love working with us.

We’re not just data consultants; we’re your allies on the journey to better data utilization.

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in trust: we work closely with our partners to understand their unique mission and goals, and we use data analysis and visualizations to help them achieve those objectives. Consider us part of your team.

Our Expertise

We’re a team of data analysts, researchers, and social sector professionals with a passion for people and a deep understanding of how data can be used to solve challenges and improve outcomes for communities. You see ROI with us.

Our Values

We lead with integrity, operate with candor, bring joy to the work, boldly challenge our ideas of what’s possible, and we work with purpose- just like you.

Work with us.

Let’s achieve great things, together.

Bold missions need bold data.
Bold missions need bold data.

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